Wednesday, May 09, 2012

From Plymouth to Lyme Regis.

Well, I wasn’t sure it was possible to do this trip in 5 days, but the weather forced me to think again. In the end I had only 4 days to do the trip, since gale force 7 was expected for this afternoon. So the last 2 days were 60 km and 50 km respectively. Even my blisters now have blisters!
P5050004 P5050010
Don’t let anyone convince you that the South Devon coast is straight forward. Forget the English Riviera, there are some of the majestic and unspoilt beaches I have ever seen, either at home or abroad. There were literally dozens of beautiful coves and beaches without a soul on them.
Needless to say, if they had been in Cornwall, they would have been mobbed. This is the Bantham at different ends of the tide.
DSC_0517 DSC_0609
Even if you forget the distance covered, this is a technical section of coastline to navigate, particularly on Spring tides. Start point had 4+ knots of overfalls steaming out to France AND and whirlpool! Needless to say I didn’t get the camera out at that stage.
Thanks for all the support from our friends, but particularly to my long suffering wife, who understands my occasional need for solitary confinement.

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